Our goal is to create the best experience possible for babies and their parents.

Family Birthing Center

The anticipation of the delivery of your child is an exciting time. The Wray Community District Hospital is committed to providing exceptional, comfortable, and convenient care surrounding you with compassionate physicians and nurses along with a supportive, soothing environment.

You can rest assured knowing we have highly skilled staff around the clock who hold certifications specific to supporting the birth of your child. We offer 24/7 anesthesiology coverage, state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities, a secured nursery, and 24/7 surgical coverage in case a c-section is needed. We typically allow mothers to labor, deliver, and recover in the same room allowing for utmost comfort and privacy. The birthing rooms include a private Jacuzzi tub for the mother’s comfort.

We encourage all expectant mothers to work with their physicians and prenatal team to help provide a safe delivery of your child. Our staff offer prenatal and lactation classes as well as one-on-one support for breastfeeding mothers during the postpartum phase. We want the experience to be a memorable moment for the whole family.

Web Nursery

Check out the newest arrivals to our community in our online Web Nursery.


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