Big Celebrations for the Wray Hospital and Clinic Diabetes Program
January 20, 2023

Sometimes in life, less is more.  Such is the case for people living with diabetes here in Northeastern Colorado.  There is a lot happening at Wray Community District Hospital including exponential growth in almost every area, including the diabetes program.

Anyone who lives with diabetes is well acquainted with the challenges that come with managing the disease. Today the Wray Clinic Diabetes Education Program celebrates a new record for our facility.  The hemoglobin A1C levels used to monitor the control of overall blood glucose levels, are the best they have been since 2016. The goal A1C level is under 7.0%.  Currently, 81% of our diabetes population is considered “well-controlled.” This is improved from 65% in 2018. The providers and diabetes education team would like to recognize everyone living with diabetes and the time and effort you give to managing the disease. Our team is here to help guide you, provide up to date tools, recommendations, and ongoing support, but it is you doing the work, day in, day out to achieve success! We appreciate you for being a partner and taking your health seriously.  As a result, we are seeing lower rates of A1C levels which translates into better heart health, healthier body weight and overall better quality of life for you!

Our Diabetes Program has grown exponentially over the last several years.  In 2011, the program was accredited by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES) when Karla Saffer, RN, became coordinator. Initially referrals averaged 20-25 per year.  This past year, 109 people received diabetes education. Nutrition education was also offered by Pyper Miller, RD.  The program is a resource for the latest in diabetes technology using insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. Also offered is a telemedicine clinic through the Barbara Davis Center for pediatric patients who live with type 1 diabetes.  It’s nice to be able to offer this option for families right here in our community. The program partners with Joy Akey at the CSU Extension office to offer quarterly webinars on various topics on diabetes as well as a monthly support group known as Diabetes:  Live, Learn, Thrive. Ongoing follow up contact through daily visits and phone calls are offered for long term diabetes support. The diabetes educators work closely with the providers at Wray Clinic and are truly grateful for value Wray Hospital Administrators and Board place on diabetes education.

In 2023, the Diabetes Education program will add Lifestyle Medicine that helps people leverage the daily lifestyle behaviors that are powerful tools at everyone’s fingertips to maximize their health and wellness. Karla will complete her master’s degree in Integrative Health and Wellness in December 2023 and is eager to integrate this knowledge through the program. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes and would like more information, ask your provider, or call the Wray Clinic at 970-332-4895 or 970-332-2352.

THANK YOU everyone for your part in making the Diabetes Education Program a success! All providers and diabetes education team are here to support you to achieve and maintain optimal diabetes management. Diabetes is a journey, and we are here to help you navigate your journey on the road to a healthier you!!

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