General Surgeon, Dr. Robert Loyd Retires After 32 Years
September 14, 2021

After 32 years of devoted service to Wray Community District Hospital, Robert Loyd, M.D., general surgeon, has announced his retirement beginning January 2021.

Dr. Loyd, a WHS graduate, received his medical degree from the University of Colorado.  Dr. Robert Buchanan M.D. mentored him in many ways, one of which was encouragement to become a general surgeon and return home to Wray.  After medical school, he completed a five-year general surgery residency program in Phoenix, Arizona.

 In September of 1988, Dr. Loyd began serving the Tri-State area as a surgeon, he also practiced as a primary care physician alongside Dr. Robert Buchanan M.D., Dr. Jack Berry M.D., and Bill Conrad PA-C. Over the years, he held clinics and performed surgery in St. Francis, Yuma, Haxtun, and Wray.

“At that time, there were four providers caring for our community.”  Dr. Loyd recalled.  “Today there are 7 providers and 2 residents.  That is pretty incredible.”

In 1997 Dr. Loyd stopped providing primary care and concentrated on his surgical practice at the Wray Community District Hospital.  Board certified by the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Loyd has made immeasurable contributions to the hospital, Wray, and surrounding communities.  He has performed over 10,000 surgeries in his career.

In 1998 Dr. Loyd began the Wray Community District Hospital Level IV Trauma Center.  A Level IV Trauma Center demonstrates the ability to provide advanced trauma life support prior to transfer of patients to a higher-level trauma center.  It provides evaluation, stabilization, and diagnostic capabilities for injured patients.

“In addition to meeting the surgical needs of the community, Dr. Loyd was instrumental in developing the trauma program at Wray Hospital.  He provided classes and training for the nursing staff and guided us through the process of becoming a Level IV Trauma Center.  The nursing staff was aware that they needed to pay attention during classes as they would be questioned later.  If we hadn’t been held to these strong standards, we would not be the nursing staff we are today” stated Cathy Bard, Director of Nursing.  “Throughout the years, Dr. Loyd has continued to provide education for the staff.  His expertise and experience will be greatly missed.”

Dr. Loyd will continue to serve as the Trauma Program Director in his retirement.

Dr. Loyd met his wife Karen, a pediatric surgical and wound care nurse, during his surgical residency.  Since moving to Wray, Karen has found many ways to be a nurse to individuals and our community.  Before becoming Dr. Loyd’s nurse when he began his private practice in 1997, Karen worked with Wray Hospital Home Health Care, Northeast Colorado Health Department and Yuma County Department of Social Services.  Karen is joining her husband in retirement while continuing to encourage and support the nurses of Wray specifically the new wound care nurses. Karen is a largely valued asset to the hospital and the community.

“We should never take for granted what Dr. Loyd and his wife, Karen, do for this community.  Dr. Loyd has been a mentor to me and countless medical students and residents.  He has been a friend when I needed one and on more than one occasion, he has given this family physician a few words of much needed support when I felt I had fallen short as a physician.  He deserves thanks from this community, and the hospital will miss him and his booming laugh as we face the daunting task of finding a replacement” said Wray Family Physician, Dr. Monte Uyemura.

Dr. Loyd would like to thank the Health Care Providers, Nurses, Hospital Staff, Administration, and Board that have worked diligently over the past 32 years to care for our community and the surrounding area.  This unselfish dedication is what sets the healthcare of Wray apart.

Dr. Loyd plans to continue ranch management, golfing, hunting, and fishing. He will continue to serve on Kitzmiller and Powell Trusts. Most of all, he looks forward to spending more time with his kids and grandchildren in Missoula, Dallas, and Denver.

“I am so thankful to the people who trusted me with their care over the last 32 years, said Dr. Loyd.  “It has truly been remarkable serving this community alongside the finest healthcare workers in Colorado.”

The Wray Hospital and Clinic Staff will cherish the memories shared with Dr. Loyd and wish him well in his retirement.

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