Paying Your Hospital Bill Online
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December 20, 2023

With a new payment processing company comes a new patient payment portal. While the option to pay online is not new, there are new opportunities for online payments through Flywire. One of the main changes that we are extremely excited about is the ability to create your own payment plan directly through the portal. Aside from that, patients can also see all associated patient bills through one single portal.

Here is a quick step by step process of what you can expect when making a payment online through Flywire.

Logging In

Whether you follow the link posted on the statement or visit the WCDH website and click on Bill Pay, you will be directed to a login page that looks like this.

When making a payment online, you’re going to want to have access to your statement. The login process is going to ask for two things: the guarantor number and the date of birth of the patient the statement is associated with. The guarantor number can be found in the ‘Account Summary’ on the left hand side of your statement as well as the top left hand corner of every additional page. This number is unique to the patient portal, that means our team will not be able to provide you with this number to login. That being said, our team can help you process your payment via other methods.

Once you are logged in, you will see a breakdown of all visits with outstanding balances.

If you want to view a breakdown of charges for a specific visit, simply select “View Bill” on the right hand column.

Making Your Payment

When you’re ready to make a payment, you have two options. You can select make a payment and either pay in full or select a certain amount to pay. From there, you can either pay with a credit or debit card or you can connect a checking or savings account.

Creating a Payment Plan

One of the capabilities that drew us to FlyWire was the ability for patients to create their own payment plans online. This can be done directly within the patient dashboard. Select “View Payment Options” and you will be directed to a Payment Plan Option page. Here you can find various Payment Plan options. This will give you a couple of different payment options to choose from, but here you will also find a calculator that you can use to create your ideal payment amount. In this section you will enter the amount that you’d ideally like to pay and you can then see how many months it would take you to pay off the existing balance.

Payment Information

Once you have selected the plan that works best for you and adjusted the date the payment will be taken from your account, you will enter your card information or your checking/savings account information and can save the payment. You’ve now created a payment plan! This can be done for a single patient’s account or a family that have the same guarantor listed.

If you have any issues with creating a payment plan or would like to verify that all family members have one guarantor associated with each account, feel free to contact one of our Patient Financial Counselors so we can help make this process as easy as possible.

Text & Email Updates

On top of the paper statement that you receive in the mail, FlyWire also notifies patients of a bill through text and email updates. Text and email notifications are created at the same time that the statement is, but will be received prior to the physical statement. Reminders are sent out a couple of times throughout the month both via email and text. The links in both texts and emails can also direct you to the payment portal where you will be prompted to enter your zip code and date of birth.

If you’d like to adjust the number of notifications that you’re receiving, login to the payment portal. On the bottom right hand side of your desktop you will see ‘Manage Notifications’. From here you can turn email and text notifications on or off, add a new email or phone number, and enroll in paperless billing. If you need any additional assistance with this, our team of Patient Financial Counselors can help.

Benefits of Flywire

It’s not easy to get adjusted to a new software, but we guarantee that there are so many perks to WCDH utilizing FlyWire for payment processing. Below are just a few of the benefits.

  1. Quick and easy online payments.
  2. Text and email updates & reminders.
  3. Ability to see all a family’s bills in one place.
  4. Payment plan creation & customization.
  5. Quick and easy payment capabilities.

Within the last few months, various patients who have made payments have said that the process of making a payment was easy and that they’ve loved the new options that FlyWire provides.

Reach Out with Any Questions

Our team is here to support you during this adjustment period. Feel free to contact either of our Patient Financial Counselors with questions or for additional assistance.

Natalie Valadez – Patient Financial Counselor

P: 970-332-2209 | E:

Mercedes Quezada – Patient Financial Counselor

P: 970-332-2248 | E:

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