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Malnutrition is a nutrition imbalance, particularly undernutrition, which can often present when you are not or cannot consume enough nutrients to sustain your body’s needs. Our dietitians can create a personalized nutrition care plan to help you optimize intake habits and meet your body’s nutritional needs.


Often, cancer can cause a variety of nutrition impact symptoms that may compromise a person’s ability to eat and drink adequately, putting them at an increased risk for malnutrition. Even in the survivorship setting, a person may have specific nutrition needs. Grand Valley Oncology has a dietitian on staff to create personalized nutrition care plans and help to optimize nutritional status.

Celiac Disease (Celiac Sprue)

Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine. Nutritional Services can help devise a personalized healthy eating plan.

Cholesterol Management

By learning how cholesterol is produced, distributed, and functions within your body it is easier to form an effective dietary and exercise plan to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Food Allergies

Our dietitians can help answer your questions about food allergies and intolerance for all ages, and can also provide you with information on helpful services and resources to promote sound nutrition habits.


Due to the serious effects of hypertension, forming a healthy lifestyle plan is essential when it comes to lowering your risk factors for heart disease. By consulting a dietitian you will learn how to stay informed about your blood pressure, balance it at a healthy level through diet and exercise.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Services will personalize a healthy and balanced diet to correspond to the other key components of a fit athlete.

Vegetarian / Vegan

Learn how to achieve a balanced plant-based diet through a personalized consultation with a dietitian.

Weight Management

Learn more about our surgical weight loss center.

Pyper Miller

Pyper Miller

Registered Dietitian